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Apartemen Terbaik di Tangerang

Skandinavia is created to fulfill your dreams & future to have a better quality life. That means allowing you to have a balanced life, with the surrounding and facility that we prepared, just for you and your family.

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Our updated information

What’s on?

Here is our updated information. To make your dreams come alive.

Skandinavia dream come true a better life just right

Just Right place to rest, work, & play!

Skandinavia Lagom. Just right.


Skandinavia Alter Ego. A better life.


Skandinavia dreams come true.

Complete facilities


Surrounded by thousands of facilities to make your quality of life even better. Relax time by the infinity pool, morning run or community outdoor activities.

Facilities & Amenities

Coming back to home where everything is close to home. Restaurant, University, Hypermarket, Hotel, Hospital, Golf Course, litteraly everything. Surrounded by One Park that let you to breath and embrace the nature to have a break from busy life.

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